Saturday, 05 December 2015 16:43

Playing in the Waves with the Marine Police

My buddy Erik and I were out for a short paddle in Toronto this morning and had a funny experience.
The plan was to go out the Toronto Harbour via the Western Gap then out and around Ontario Place (8.6km).
Paddling just south of Ontario Place one of the marine police boats went by us on a regular patrol. After it went by we did a bit of surfing from catching the waves from the boats wake. Just then the boat did a 180 and came back our way. The cop sticks his head out of the boats cab, "hey, you guys want us to make some waves?"
So we spent the next 15 minutes playing around while the police boat drove around us. Pretty sure they loved it as much as we did.
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Two good friends of mine were out paddling in the inner harbour of Toronto two weeks ago when they were almost run over by someone riding in a personal watercraft...
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