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PFD and Lifejacket Resources

Resources and downloads specifically related to pfd’s or lifejackets.

A nice little article from the United States Coast Guard Boating Safety Circular #78. It provides good information and stats on the benifits of wearing a PFD.

A Powerpoint presentation given by the American Canoe Association to the National Transportation Safety Board. It provides information about paddling, pfd use, and several profiles of victims.

This is the final report put out by United States Coast Guard. Provides some interesting insight to the number of people who actually wear their PFD. Information is broken down into a large number of different variables including type of boat, conditions out on the water and weather conditions.

This is the description from the website:

"Potential trends and indicators relating to recreational boaters and life jacket wear are revealed in this informative study by the JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. Because so many drownings could be prevented if every boater wore a life jacket, it is critical that boating safety advocates understand the circumstances and patterns in which life jackets are used in order to tailor messages and safety education programs accordingly."

This is a paper that was presented at a National Transportation Safety Board symposium on PFD use and safety.

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