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Safe Boating Resources

A collection of publications spefically on safe boating.

From the website: This illustrated fact sheet provides details that family boaters should be aware of in preparing for emergencies, especially in the cold waters of Alaska.

A great article with testing results for many different types of flares on the market. It examines which works better in both daylight and night conditions.

An excellent resource for somebody looking to figure out what types of flares work better for the conditions they find themselves in.

You can find more information about the testing and photos here.

An excellent small craft manual covering topics such as navigation, safety, boating equipment, weather and general information on Lake Superior.

Boating Safety Tips
Small Craft Harbour Information
Public Access Information

A brochure published by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency in the UK. It demonstrates the main signals for use by ships, aircraft or persons in distress when communicating with rescue units. Like anything else, make sure that the signals outlined in this brochure are current in your local area.

Her Majesty's Coastguard (HMCG) is responsible in the UK for the broadcast of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) on VHF, MF and NAVTEX and for the provision of Radio Medical Link Calls (MEDILINK) Service. This resource highlights the broadcast schedules, Inshore & Area Forecast times on marine VHF.

Whenever paddling, you need to be able to gauge how your skills, experience, and abilities match the difficulty of the water. Either as an individual or as a member of a group here are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves and be able to answer. Most of us run through a short list of these before a trip, but sometimes enthusiasm may cloud our judgment and we just dive in. So run through the list and add your own questions. If you find that many of the answers are not on the positive side of the questions or you're not sure, then you need to really consider not paddling in those conditions or making that crossing.

Published by Transport Canada, the Safe Boating Guide is a general boating safety manual. There is good information on minimum required boating equipment as well as rules of the road and basic navigation.

This is the volunteer manual for the safe boating week in 2006. Published by the Canadian Safe Boating Council. Provides excellent tips and ideas on how to get the message out for safe boating. A great resource for safe boating communication.

Published by Transport Canada, this is a wonderful little document on safe sea kayaking. Highly recommended for new paddlers.

Published by Industry Canada, this is the official study guide for anybody who is interested in getting their Restricted Operator License. You need this license if you are broadcasting using your VHF radio.

Please note that is the Canadian study guide.

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