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Published by Garmin, this publication is a beginner’s guide to GPS and how the system works. Excellent diagrams and clearly written explanations.

3 great tools to help you pin-point a six figure grid reference. Both types are included in each package and are saved in various format [romer grids in ClarisWorks / Word / PDF; the romer scale in ClarisWorks / PDF]. Just choose the one that matches your system (Mac or PC). When you come to open the file within the relevant software, you may need to change the font styles, page setup, layout etc. Then copy and paste to create a full page and then print. [Note PDF formats are full pages already] Then photocopy on to transparancies/acetate sheets.

Published by Garmin, this publication provides excellent explanations of navigation of paper maps and GPS. Written for beginners, the language is both practical and informative.

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