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Hypothermia Resources - Brrr, It's Cold...

Resources specifically related to hypothermia.

A really detailed research article on cold water surival.

Article abstract:
Estimating the probability of survival during accidental immersion in cold water presents formidable challenges for both theoreticians and empirics. A number of theoretical models have been developed assuming that death occurs when the central body temperature, computed using a mathematical model, falls to a certain level. This paper describes a different theoretical approach to estimating the probability of survival.

The audience for this illustrated book is new adult readers. Details about hypothermia are included--causes of hypothermia, how the body loses heat, how to diagnose hypothermia, how to prevent it, and how to treat victims of hypothermia. Written at the fourth-grade level, this book is also suitable for children. Warnings against alcohol use are included. In the Outdoor Survival Series for New Readers, published by Alaska Sea Grant and the Literacy Council of Alaska.

The American Canoe Association published this nice little brochure on cold water surival. A great hand-out for your students. It covers signs and symptoms for hypothermia as well as realistic surival times in various water temperatures.

This table examines the effects of hypothermia as it relates to a person immersed in cold water with no protective clothing. In real life many factors can affect your chances of survival and this chart is only provided only as a guide.

A well written brochure on hypothermia. Sign, symptoms and its treatment.

A powerpoint presentation on the signs and symptoms of Hypothermia.

Published by Transport Canada, this publication has information on surviving old water immersion.

Topics include:



This table can help you gauge the stages of hypothermia in a victim. Remember the "umbles"- stumbles, mumbles, fumbles, and grumbles - these show that the cold is affecting how well a person's muscles and nerves are working.

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