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First Aid & Hypothermia

First Aid and Hypothermia Resources.

An article that quickly outlines the most common paddling injuries with information on how to prevent them.

Produced in conjunction with the Victorian Canoe Association.

Home page for more info.

Published by British Canoe Union Coaching Service. Topics covered include injury prevention and safe handling.

Stretching before and after paddling is a great way to prevent injuries, reduce fatigue and increase flexibility. Starting your workout with a warm up and stretching will ensure you have a long and enjoyable paddling experience. Although shoulder injuries are the most frequently reported paddling injury. many kayakers overlook the need to increase flexibility in accessory paddling muscles.

The following series of stretches are general routine for the entire kayaker’s body.

Published by the Centre for Disease Control, this small brochure gives clear information about the signs and symptoms of a stoke as well as possible treatment.

The St John Ambulance organisation is renowned throughout the world and in Australia for teaching first aid skills to the public.

The book "New Century First Aid" is designed to highlight the main points you will learn in a St John First Aid Course. They are easy to understand and have illustrations highlighting critical points.

This book is not a substitute for a practical first aid course. Only direct participation in such a course will give you the confidence, as well as experience, to become fully proficient in the management of the ill and the injured.

To order and own a hardcopy of the New Century First Aid book, click here.

St John Ambulance also offers a wide range of First Aid Publications. To view a Complete List of First Aid Publications, click here.

Seasickness can strike anyone, including seasoned professional mariners. This 3-fold brochure presents all the information you and your customers need for choosing seasickness remedies. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs are thoroughly discussed, and alternative cures are described. The author suggests how to position yourself in the boat to lessen the symptoms, and what to do if you feel sick. The information is based on scientific research, and references are included. Ideal for kayaking outfitters to give to clients when they book.

Tom Myers writes a wonderful article on reducing a dislocated shoulder. Included is also information about why it happens as well as how to prevent shoulder injury. It is written specifically for surf or whitewater kayers so it is very practical.

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