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I just heard some really disturbing news. It seems that during the first week of April, a crack pipe or a crack pipe or other sort of drug paraphernalia was found on a desk in the production area of Confluence Watersports. Confluence Watersports owns many of the key industry brand names including Wilderness Systems, Perception, Dagger, Wave Sport and Mad River Canoe. Nobody is talking but the full details are kind of sketchy at this time. They are not sure if it serious or a bad April fools joke gone horribly bad. Here is where things have gone crazy. Confluence has an insurance policy that makes them do immediate drug testing on the employees. If they don't do the testing on everybody then the policy is terminated. So far it seems that almost 60 folks are no longer employed at Confluence though about half of them refused to take the test on various grounds and were thus terminated. The other half failed the drug tests. Again, nobody is talking but if I hear more, I will post it on the site. The story was broken by SNEWS. EDIT: I added a question mark to the title because too many people were complaining on other boards that I was making a statement of fact that hasn't been proven. Several news reports talk about a found pipe not used for smoking marijuana...Eveybody happy now?  
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