Ultralight weight campers out there are going to be happy that Scott Tissue is testing cardboard tube free toilet paper in Walmarts and Sam's Clubs across the Northeast United States.Anybody who has tried to pull out the tube on a full roll of toilet paper will know it pretty much destroys the roll. If you are not a ultralight camper and have no idea what I’m talking about, that’s ok. Removing the cardboard tube on a roll makes it a whole lot more compact when you are shoving it back in your backpack or canoe pack.I think it’s a great idea as there are 17 billion tubes produced annually in the United States, accounting for 160 million pounds of trash.If it sells well then they are going to roll it out everywhere.More info USA Today [Via: Gizmodo] is that great company that offers custom printing to anybody who is willing to upload their design. If you haven’t heard of it before, that’s ok as it means you are not a hipster. Hipsters love their seven day old beards, fixie bike and ironic t-shirts. Fear not because you can now show those hipsters that you are also cool with the fine selection of camping/canoeing/kayaking shirts below. Eat. Sleep. Canoe. Paddle Faster. I Hear Banjos. Its all Fun and Games until someone loses a wiener. Camping Sign Watch out for Jason... Support Your Local Rescue Team, Get Lost! Presented with no comment.
The kind folks from North Sea Resins sent me a sample of their recently introduced emergency repair kit for both plastic and fibreglass canoe or kayaks.It’s slightly different then the many other repair kits on the market in that the curing process is activated by blue spectrum light and cures in under 30 seconds.When I unboxed the kit, I was presented with a Camelbak water bottle (as a watertight storage container) filled with fibreglass cloth, a plastic applicator tab, a black syringe filled with resin, two sheets of sandpaper and a blue LED light to activate and cure the resin.
Looking for new camping gear to add to your Christmas list? Why settle for what every other kid in the campground has when you can express your uniqueness in "style".To do that; shimmy up to your computer desk and type on over to where you will find all the stuff you need to fill your camping nerd needs.Sushi PillowAnybody is tries to tell you that a balled up t-shirt or fleece is the only way to go obviously has never camped in their life. Show nature that you care about it so much that you only eat it raw with the Sushi Pillow. Choose either shrimp nigiri, delicious salmon or even the tasty edamame. (More info - $44.99 - $59.99)
If you are a fan of Palm Paddling Equipment then you will want to dig through their 2011 catalogue of wares and start working on your wishlist.There are a bunch of new products including both men’s and women’s whitewater jackets as well as six new touring jackets. They have also updated their complete line of throwbags also.
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