Sadly these amazing bandages are currently out of stock over to Urban Outfitters but if they were, I would make them an essential part of my wilderness first aid kit replacing the Dora the Explorer band-aids I currently use. My extensive research tells me that while adults love Dora the Explorer, given the choice, 2 of 3 injured people would choose “Ninja Fight” over a jumping blue monkey and a weird looking girl with huge eyes. A box of band-aids are $7 so make sure you save them only for your most injured clients/kids.
Blogger and friend of the site, Bryan Hansel from is currently taking pre-orders for an awesome t-shirt he got designed. You need to purchase one of these shirts. Just think of it as a public service announcement for your friends to get prepared because when our zombie overloads finally descend it will be too late for everybody. This whole zombie swimming thing originally came out of a post I did back a year ago where I fantasized about somebody making a t-shirt so I’m glad Bryan came through for us. Shortly after I posted the original article, a paddling/hiking shop in Kitchener,Ontario got famous for 3 minutes when their store marquee was featured on the Fail/Win! Blog. Bryan’s black t-shirts with white ink are selling for $16.99 with $6 shipping to U.S. addresses. If you live outside the U.S of A, contact Bryan and he will let you know shipping costs. Order it here.
Not sure who picked this photo for the newspaper advertisement but I’m glad they did. It totally made my night. The photo caption says: "Kayaking doesn't have to be all adrenaline all the time. On Virginia's Eastern Shore you can combine wine tasting with a gentle kayak excursion." Image Credit:
We all know that the worst part of campfires is sitting in the dirt. Sure you can bring along one of those Crazy Creek camping chairs but why settle when you can rule the outdoors like God intended? There is only two problems with the officially licensed Star Trek captain’s chair. The first is that it’s inflatable so watch for sparks and the second is that it’s only for somebody up to 120lbs. The description on the site says that it’s designed for kids but I like to believe it’s a weight management motivator for fat camping geeks. Other than those minor drawbacks, I give this and official rating of, "Set course for awesome". Pick up your own chair at for only $24.99.
If you got a job this summer to be a guide on the ocean make sure you print off or memorize this handy-dandy chart to help tell the difference between "octopuses," "octopi," and "octopodes". Click on the image below to see the full size version. This is critical training as you don’t want to ever want to get it wrong in front of your clients. Via Flickr Photo Credit: Octopus Eye by you are your atman  - Creative Commons by-nc-sa/2.0/deed.en_CA / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0  
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