I’m not sure what the rules are for lifejacket use because I’m pretty sure somebody could argue that they are really just swimming. The real thing to sort out is to figure out how to teach people to kayak from this baby. I'm positive my effectiveness as an instructor would go way up. Depending on your options, the HotTug ranges in price from €8,950 ($11,700US) for the basic model to €16,450 ($21,500US) for the top-of-the-line version which comes with a stove and electronic motor. According to the website, you can cruise around your favourite lake for about 3 hours that is, after waiting 2.5 hours for the wood stove to heat the water. Note to HotTug: I’m totally happy to do a review of this if you can ship one to Toronto. Call me.

Introspective Bears [Nature Photography]
Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I’m pretty sure this is what happens every September once all the people drives back to the big city at summers end. Photo credit:

Funny Hurricane Forecast for Trekkies
Thursday, 06 September 2012

I don’t care if we find out tomorrow that this is a fake. To me it will always be the greatest hurricane forecast ever. Apparently this type of thing is popular among weather service staff for storms that have overstayed their welcome and continue to dwindle in the North Atlantic, or for storms that pose no real threat to life. For example here is a one from Hurricane Epsilon back in 2005: ZCZC MIATCDAT4 ALLTTAA00 KNHC DDHHMMHURRICANE EPSILON DISCUSSION NUMBER  32NWS TPC/NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER MIAMI FL4 AM EST WED DEC 07 2005 THE END IS IN SIGHT...YES...BUT NOT QUITE YET. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO FIND A WEAKENING SYSTEM AND INSTEAD I FOUND THAT EPSILON IS STILL A HURRICANE. AS IT HAS DONE EVERY MORNING...THE CONVECTION HAS REDEVELOPED AROUND THE LARGE AND DISTINCT EYE....KICKING THE DVORAK T-NUMBERS BACK UP AGAIN.... Image credit:
I know times have been tough on banks and they have branching out their marking to niche audiences but I think this is taking it a step to far. I’m not sure if I should be insulted or not that they decided to put pillars around the ATM. How much damage can kayaks really do? Come on! Photo credit:
I can speak only for myself but I think that we would be less likely to get injured if we implemented this rule for regular paddling (or at least for rock hopping, surfing and other general shenanigans). If you can't see the image above it says, "Rules: You are NOT allowed to do ANYTHING that begins with the words, Hey Y'all watch this!". Image Credit:
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