Where Should We Go Camping? [Funny]
Monday, 17 December 2012

Trying to decide where to go camping can be a tough decision... Image credit:
Just imagine how envious your camping neighbours will be when you pull this out of your canoe and set-up shop. The only addition I would make is to add in a battery operated light that turns on when opened. People will swear that it’s filled with glowing gold. Can somebody please rush this to market? Work with me people. Photo Credit:
In my youth I loved watching the Canadian television show, Kids in the Hall. Over the years they put out some pretty weird yet funny stuff. A great example is their take on modern-day Voyageur fur trappers. As somebody who works in a cubical farm, this really hit home. Good thing I don’t need to wear a suit... Before we get to the real history lesson below; a pre-history lesson. This little clip is from Season 2 Episode 2 and aired in Fall, 1990.
I want to know is why Kokatat isn't getting on board the fashion train and offering an epaulette option for all their dry suits. It’s time to bring the classy back to the paddling high seas. Who is with me?
Even if the sleeping bag was free I don’t think I would take it. Photo credit:
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