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Film Review: Go Ganges! From Source to Sea, by Any Means Possible

The other night I had the pleasure of viewing the latest film from J.J. Kelley and Josh Thomas, Go Ganges! You probably remember these guys from their multi-award winning 2008 film, Paddle to Seattle. Go Ganges! is an adventure film that tells the story of their journey down the length of the Ganges River from the source to the sea (by any means possible).

Due to several reasons (without giving the plot away) it’s extremely difficult and dangerous to paddle the entire length of the Ganges River so Josh and J.J. decide to make use of several different modes of transportation including a rickshaw, rowboat and finally a scooter along the 1,500 mile journey.

Travelling through India in a Rickshaw.
If you get a chance to see or purchase this film make sure you do. It’s a great story that is both entertaining, very funny and includes all the elements of any good adventure film including near accidents in traffic chaos, numerous vehicle breakdowns, poor decisions made in the heat of the moment, leaky boats and lots of miscommunication with the locals. I loved the part where they get challenged by a group of kids to a bike race with the rickshaw and get totally destroyed. Those kids must have been 10 years old...

Go Ganges! deals with a much more serious subject matter then their other films. The Ganges River is one of the most sacred rivers in the world and is worshiped as a God by the Hindus yet at the same time it is one of the most polluted rivers. To try to understand that paradox, J.J. and Josh spend time with spiritual leaders and local people working on the river to find out about the significance of the river in the lives of the people of India and what can possibly be done to help clean it up.

Rowing down the Ganges River.

If there is one thing that you will take away it is that you will develop a huge appreciation of the thousands of miles of pristine water we have access to for both drinking and recreation in North America. I think I can honestly say that in all the canoe and kayak trips I have taken in my life there has been no place so far that I didn’t want to actually touch the water. Until you have seen Go Ganges! you really have no idea what dirty water looks like.

The final cut of the DVD is complete and it should be available soon. Keep an eye on their facebook page for screenings in your neighbourhood.

Go Ganges! runs for 1 hour and 22 minutes and was produced by Dudes on Media.

Images credits: Dudes on Media

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